#140 – Owner of MODCUP Coffee | Coffee Conspiracy

On this episode Abe and Ames talk to the owner of Modcup Coffee in Jersey City, NJ. They pride themselves on serving freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee and the highest quality. They only purchase coffee beans of at least the 85 percentile in the world as far as quality goes.

Travas breaks down how the coffee industry has geniously marketed and conditioned us all to buy old, stale, and poorly roasted coffee. It is a coffee conspiracy! He will educate us all and make you appreciate coffee to a much higher level.

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#38 – Shaka Piontkowskie – Freestylin’ Through Life

ON this episode we talk to our longtime friend, Shaka Piontkowskie. Shaka is currently studying agriculture and looks to find a career in helping urban areas grow more organic fruits and vegetables. His ARTform in life though, is creating music. He is a hip hop artist who makes music for the love of it and to spread his views on life to the world. He is all about the content in his lyrics and doesn’t rap about the usual materialistic things. He is also into the art freestyle rapping and battle rapping.

We talk about the common misconceptions with hiphop music and freestyle rap. He goes in depth on much of an art form “freestylin” is and how much creativity is involved in it. It was an interesting conversation from an artist who is looking to master his craft! Look out for his album, Laughing Barrel EP on Soundcloud now!

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