#141 – Old School Words and Fighting Terms

On this episode we talk about:

-UFC Fight Night Cowboy Cerrone vs Darren Till

-Mackenzie Dern’s latest fight and her future

-Eddie Bravo Invitational

-Old school words that went out of style

-Jiujitsu athletes crossing over into MMA life Garry Tonon and Rafael Lovato Jr

-NBA news

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#86 – Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson is Masterful | Garry Tonon is a Jiujitsu Wizard | Show the ART Podcast

On this episode Abe and Ames recap UFC Fight Night featuring Michelle “karate hottie” Waterson vs Paige VanZant. They break down the greatness of that fight along with Mickey Gall vs Sage Northcutt and Uriah Faber’s retirement fight! On the topic of UFC, they talk about UFC suing small martial arts schools for playing their events.

They also go over the jiujitsu event over the weekend featuring nogi sub only matches with Garry Tonon, Kim Terra, Gordon Ryan, Filipe Pena, Kennedy Maciel (Cobrinha’s son), and Nicky Ryan.

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#58 – Ricardo Almeida | Jiujitsu Coach of Frankie Edgar | Training regimen, Renzo Stories, & Training UFC Stars

Ricardo Almeida is a black belt in brazilian Jiujitsu under Renzo Gracie and owns a school in New Jersey. He is a former pro MMA fighter and pro jiujitsu competitor. He has competed successfully in the UFC and even won the prestigious King of Pancrase title. He focuses a lot of his time running his school in NJ and coaching some of the top fighters in the UFC like Frankie Edgar, Edson Barboza, and current LightWeight champion Eddie Alvarez. He is now known for coaching top jiujitsu competitors such as Tom Deblass, Garry Tonon, and Gordon Ryan.


-Renzo Gracie stories

-training Frankie, Eddie, and other pro mma fighters

-how he trains in Jiujitsu and what has made him successful

-the state of sports jiujitsu and MMA

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