#155 – Fitness Episode – Olympic Lifting for MMA

How important is strength training for martial arts and Jiujitsu?? Can Olympic lifting help and how exactly will it translate?? We discuss all these question and more on our weekly fitness episode!


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#93 – A Convo with Freakish Athlete DA RULK | Show the ART Podcast

On this episode we catch up with fitness professional Da Rulk. He gives us some insight on BJ Penn’s training and his meeting with Kobe Bryant! Rulk trains many professional athletes in California that include a vast amount of professional mixed martial artists. His instagram page has brought many inspirational words and inspirational pictures to millions! Check out his page on Instagram if you would like to witness his feats of strength!

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#37 – Erik (E-Sik) Melland – ONNIT ACADEMY Coach – Movement Master

Erik “E-Sik” Melland is a head coach at the ONNIT Academy. He is a master of exercising with the steel mace. He is also an expert at movement training. What we mean by that is working out by putting your body through various different movements, flows, and positions we aren’t accustomed to being in, but need to be! He is a flow master and we were delighted to have him on. Erik was recently dubbed the Viking Ninja by Aubrey Marcus on the Total Human Optimization podcast, awesome name!

We discuss:

-proper exercise mechanics (spinal bracing, squats, proper cues)

-flexibility and it’s importance

-how to motivate and inspire clients

-his inspiration

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