#88 – Alex Ecklin | Revolutionizing the Industry – Donation Based BJJ | Show the ART Podcast

On this episode Abe and Ames talk to Jiujitsu Black Belt, Alex Ecklin. Alex trains jiujitsu in NYC under legend Vitor “Shoalin” Ribeiro. Alex has competed at the highest levels in Jiujitsu including the popular sub only event, the Eddie Bravo Invitational. WE go in depth about Alex’s upbringing, how he trains, and we also share some fun stories. Alex just opened up a new Jiujitsu school called Masterskya. It is a donation based Jiujitsu academy that is sort of underground, but not. WE hope you enjoy his interesting concepts of Jiujitsu and the way he runs his academy. Enjoy!

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#54 – JT Torres – Jiujitsu Champion – Moving to the East Coast – Training with Andre Galvao

On this episode I talk to Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt champion, JT Torress. JT is young stud who has already accomplished so much in the jiujitsu world. He has won it all in jiujitsu and has been on the podium at every competition he has entered as a black belt. He is now moving back home from to the East Coast after training for a few years under legend Andre Galvao to open up his own academy.


-Opening up his own academy

-his story moving to San Diego to Atos

-Keenan Cornelius

-how he become a coach for Andre Galvao

-how to balance your training to get better (60/40%)

-the recipe for creating a GOAT

-Gi and Nogi debate

-Demian Maia

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