#79 – Wayne “Gains” Carmona | The Dual Athlete | The POWERFUL Formula

On todays podcast we got our main man Wayne Carmona jumping on with us. Wayne a 66kg (145lb) powerlifter/bodybuilder. He’s a strong mamajama and an up and comer that you need to keep you eyes out for.

On todays episode we discuss

-The difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting

-How he prepped for both competitions

-The beauty of the sport of lifting

-Getting into competition

-Cutting weight

-Proper warm up

-NBA Talk

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#56 – Cristian Plascencia – ONNIT ACADEMY Durability Coach

On this episode we talk to ONNIT ACADEMY coach Cristian Plascencia. Cris specializes in movement and durability training (as he describes). He knows the ins and outs of the body and trains people to perform at their maximum potential. He has a page on the OnDemand Onnit Academy website where you can find all his workouts!

We discuss:

-athlete diet

-exercise essentials

-exercise correctives

-importance of a good warmup

-his ONNIT Academy page/programs

-a workout for the regular guy

-a little basketball talk

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