Denny Prokopos on EBI 7 Prep, ‘I’m making the best progress’

Denny Prokopos is a man that may be flying below the radar as a favorite in what seems to be one of the most star studded “sub-only” grappling events of the year.

Preperation has already started,” Denny said on a recent episode of the Show the ART Podcast. “I had a European tour where I did a seminar tour…right when I got back, Eddie (Bravo) told me, he’s like…GET READY.

Denny is an EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) veteren and EBI 2 Champion. He is coming off a loss from EBI 5 and looking to redeem himself after suffering from a terrible staff infection two weeks before the competition. He is back now and has a laser sharp focus on the gold.

Denny went on to talk about his preparation and how visualization and note taking play huge roles in his progression.

I’m very happy with the results I am getting in training,” Denny said. “Especially when I look at all the years of how I was doing in training, when I look back at my notes, as I’m reflecting…I feel that I’m making the best progress on the jiujitsu, the wrestling, the strength & conditioning coming together.” “I have copious notes since the age of twelve. …how I’m doing in training, and how I’m learning, I can learn quicker now.

He explains how his consistent note taking before and after training has helped him improve his game. Going back and reading notes on how he was feeling can benefit him by understand what was going through his mind during the good or bad sessions. He can then harness these feeling to future sessions and/or competitions to help be at his best. His notes also help him track his progress on how he was moving and training with all his training partners.

When you’re fighting, you need to be clear,” Prokopos continued. “The more clear you see things, the more clear victory is.” “Victory is more clear to the one that knows himself better.

His mental clarity is at an all-time high and in his mind is the champion already. It will be a tough task, as he facing some of the best grapplers in the country. People like EBI Champs Eddie Cummings or Geo Martinez will be waiting for him before he can claim the throne. He will have to get passed the dynamic Jose Gutierrez in the first round and the competition will only get increasingly difficult from there.

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#30 – Denny Prokopos – Jiujitsu Black Belt – Having Mental Clarity

On this episode we talk to Eddie Bravo’s FIRST Jiujitsu Black Belt, Denny Prokopos. He teaches at his school, 10th Planet Jiujitsu San Francisco, and competes in high level competitions. He has won the NOGI Worlds championship and most recently, EBI2. He is training to compete in the next Eddie Bravo Invitational and promises VICTORY.

We discuss:

-note taking for improving your game

-how to build confidence and mental clarity

-visualization and mental drilling

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