#118 – Starbucks, El Canelo, & GGG

On this episode Ames & Abe talk about real how to spot a real friend, our problem with Starbucks, how we would run our coffee shop, and the match between Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. We talk about much more but this should entice you enough to listen on in! Enjoy!

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#45 – Teodoro Armenteros co-founder – KIMERA KOFFEE

ON this episode we talk to co-founder of Kimera Koffee, Teodoro (Ted) Armenteros. Ted is an awesome guy and shared with us his views on jiujitsu, coffee, the making of Kimera Koffee, and a fun story of Jake Shields.

What determines coffee flavor in DR (02:50), Where coffee grows (08:10), Diner coffee vs quality coffee (10:10), Kimera Koffee process (13:56), Benefits of Nootropics (17:24), My experience with Kimera (20:52), Inspiration to start Kimera (25:08), Jiujitsu roots of Kimera (26:36), Jiujitsu’s positive impact on his life (28:03), How thy partnered with UFC vet Jake Sheilds (35:05).

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