#142 – MMA Karma & Three NEW UFC Champs

The boys are back at it! Today Abe & Ames recap a crazy fight weekend with UFC 217. Thug Rose upset, the weight lifted off TJ Dillashaw’s shoulders, the return of legendary GSP, and much more!

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#91 – The Worst Thing That Happened to Ronda Rousey’s Career | Show the ART Podcast

On this episode we break down UFC 207. We talk about TJ Dillashaw’s masterful performance and what his strategy was to neutralize his dangerous opponent. We also talk about Cody Garbrandt’s master class performance against Dominick Cruz to win the Bantamweight Championship and what the TRUE deciding factors were to him winning the bout.

We also go in depth on all things Ronda Rousey. Why she lost…How she lost…Does she need to scrap her coach….and what the worst thing to happen to her career was!!
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